About Me

VJ Gear

Bought a 📷 in 2004 to photograph my grandparents on their maiden flight and thereafter, it became my best companion as I chased what I love the most with it: Airplane Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

Wanted to be a pilot all my life, got into flight school a month after graduation.

Circumstances led me into corporate slavery for almost a decade. Which, I finally quit for good a few years earlier, and am now back chasing my dream.

My passion for photography has led me to meeting some fabulous people from around the world, the privilege of their friendships as well as travelling to great places and the chance to see & photograph some extraordinary spectacles.

Do Look-up My Photos: On my Instagram ProfileOn Airliners.net | On JetPhotos.net | 📧 Contact Me

Article authored by me in Business Traveller India: The Cool Boys Club of Indian Plane Spotters
PS: Article’s title coined by the magazine editor.

Articles featuring me: Condé Nast Traveller, Hindustan TimesThe Indian Express, The Times of India.

My Photos have been used by (among others) Airbus, Boeing, Condé Nast Traveller & The Times of India.

Article featuring me on the front page of The Hindustan Times:

My photo of the IAF Sukhoi Su30MKI at Yelahanka AFB, Bangalore as the centre spread in AirForces Monthly magazine:

AFM Cover

My photo of the Antonov An-225 at Hyderabad International Airport as one of the Top 5 photos of 2016 in Aero International magazine:


Article & Photo in Combat Aircraft Magazine:

Combat Aircraft

My photography for various brand campaigns:



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25 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Vishal!

    Your website is really nice! =d>

    All the best and good wishes for a brighter future 🙂 *fingers crossed*


  2. Namaste Sir,Website and the pics are really grt but still their is one requirement HD videos of Tejas Pls if u could just make a few.Thanks Regards.


  3. Hey Vishal,
    I finally came across your website today quite by chance. Happy to see your passion for plane spotting grow year on year. Very happy to see you being recognised with published articles as well.
    Any development in your passion for flying / airline piloting?
    All the best in your endeavours.


  4. Saw you handle on Instagram suggestions, looked up to the photos and was completely awestruck by the quality of your content. The USP of your handle lies within. More power to you! Wish to gi spotting someday with you!

    Liked by 1 person

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